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Kitchen Improvements for under $100

Is it really possible to improve your kitchen’s look for about the cost of a
takeout gourmet dinner with the family?
Obviously you’re not going to be able to do anything major, such as replace
the cabinets within that budget. But, there are many surprisingly low-budget
ways to spruce up the kitchen. Here are a few ideas:
• Do you have old cabinets? You’d be surprised how much newer they
can look simply by replacing the knobs and/or handles. Pick a colour
that blends, rather than contrasts, with the cabinets.

How Important are Good Listing Photos?

There are two trends impacting real estate photography that you should know
about if you’re thinking of selling this year.
First, more than ever before, buyers are relying on pictures to decide whether
or not to schedule a viewing. They expect to be able to go online and “tour”
your home via the photography. If they don’t form a good impression of your
home from the pictures, they may quickly lose interest in your listing.
Second, everyone is a photographer these days! Most people have phones

Keeping Mice Out of your Home

There’s no doubt about it. Preventing mice from entering your home is much
easier than evicting them once they’ve moved in. If you take just a few simple
precautions, you can avoid the trip to the store to buy traps or the call to the
Here’s what the experts recommend:
• Install mouse-mesh in the drainage slots of exterior brick or siding.
There are many types available on the market. (Note: make sure you
don’t block water drainage!)

Is Getting into your “Dream” Neighbourhood Doable?

Is there a neighbourhood you drive through occasionally and think, “Wow. I’d
love to live here. What a fantastic area”?
Why don’t you take that thought any further? Maybe you think getting into that
neighbourhood just isn’t doable – at least, not right now.
Perhaps you’re worried about the home prices or the current lack of homes for
sale in that area. Maybe there’s some other reason, such as the possibility of
higher mortgage payments.

How to Improve WIFI Speed in your Home

These days, just about everyone relies on the internet for work, school,
entertainment, shopping, networking, you name it. So, speed and connectivity
have become big issues.
Ideally, you want a fast, reliable connection — consistently.
If you have a router and connect with WIFI, here are some ways to boost the
• Occasionally unplug your router, wait ten seconds, and then power up
again. Routers get clogged with settings, protocols, code, you name it.
Resetting the router is like cleaning the pipes.

How Emotions Can Get in the Way of Selling

Like most homeowners, you probably don’t think of your property as just a
building with rooms and a backyard. To you, it’s much more than that. It’s a
When you walk into your dining room, for example, you don’t merely see the
table and chairs. You see memories. You recall laughter with family and
friends. It’s emotional.
That’s what a home is all about.
However, buyers don’t want to buy your “home”. What they really want to buy

Making your Main Floor Show Well

Where do buyers form the most lasting impression of a home for sale that they
visit? On the main floor!
When buyers view a property, they often spend a lot of time on the main floor,
thinking and imagining. They visualize cooking in the kitchen, having family
dinners in the dining room, and entertaining guests in the living room. They
even mentally calculate how their furniture will fit!
So, making the main floor look great to buyers is crucial when selling your
property. How do you do that?

Should You Sell in a Slow Season?

A slow real estate season is defined as a period of time that has less activity
— fewer listings, fewer transactions, etc. — than other times of the year. In
many areas, the slow season is in the winter, but it can be at other times as
The question you might be asking is, “Does it make sense to sell in a slow
In most cases, the answer is yes.
Why? Consider the following:
First of all, just because there is less activity in the local market doesn’t mean

Is Home Staging Worth the Effort?

Staging is all about dressing up your home so that it looks its best to buyers. This can involve anything from rearranging furniture and doing some home improvements, to painting and redecorating, to even replacing existing furnishings and other items. The goal is to make key rooms look worthy of a magazine cover! But is it worth the effort? Can’t you just clean and tidy and, perhaps, do a little painting?

Buying the Home Everybody Wants

When you’re shopping for a home, you may become interested in a property for sale that someone else is also considering. In fact, there may be several other buyers entertaining the idea of making an offer. In such a competitive situation, what should you do if you really love that home?

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