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Revisiting Previously Unaffordable Neighbourhoods

Imagine you’d been keeping your eye on a desirable neighbourhood
over the years. You had hoped that one day you could buy a home
there. But, then you saw prices creeping up — to a point where they
became unaffordable.
“Oh well,” you’d thought. “I guess we won’t be moving there!”
That scenario is familiar to many homeowners. In fact, you too may
have been keeping your eye on a neighbourhood you’d love to get into
but have decided it’s become too expensive.
If that’s so, it might be worth taking a second look.
The real estate market changes. One year an area might be a red-hot
seller’s market with prices soaring. The next year, things may have
cooled, and prices stabilized.
That means the desirable neighbourhood you’ve been coveting might,
today, be more affordable than you think. Prices might have become
more reasonable. There might be more inventory (more homes for
sale), giving you, the buyer, a competitive edge.
And, don’t forget that your own property may have gone up in value,
perhaps considerably. That means the money you make from selling
your home may make buying in the desirable neighbourhood doable.
It’s something to think about!
So, if you’re dreaming of getting into a particular neighbourhood, don’t
make assumptions about affordability. At least, not yet. Find out the
current state of the market. You might be delighted to learn that the “un”
has been dropped from the previously unaffordable for that area!
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